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Director: Dina Zvi-Riklis | Israel | 2016 | Short | Hebrew / English  /  French / Tigrigna | English Subtitles | 40 mins

Kindly sponsored by the Jewish Womens Association of Hong Kong (JWA)
Kindly supported by the Consulate General of Israel in Hong Kong


The beautiful and spoilt Yerusalem had a wonderful life in Paris as the wife of the Eritrean Ambassador. When radical nationalists arrest and then assassinate her husband, she is forced to flee for her life without the protection of government or friends. Yerusalem finds herself in a refugee shelter in a decrepit area of south Tel Aviv where nobody cares about who she was. Among the desperation and poverty, she does not give up and struggles with all her might to regain her former status. This compelling film sheds light on the reality of life on the margins of Israeli society, focusing in particular on the difficulties faced by those who have lost their identity by becoming stateless.

Nominations, Awards, Screenings:

SEOUL International Women’s Film Festival (SIWFF)
Haifa Film Festival


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