Sunday, 12 November, 6:20pm:
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Director: Arik Rotstein  | Israel  | 2016 | Comedy / Drama | Hebrew | English subtitles | 100 mins


Joshua, an 80 year old Holocaust survivor, suspects that a cellular antenna has been installed on the roof of his house and he feels a terrible injustice has been done. Waging war against his neighbor, Joshua’s wife Sarah and their 3 adult sons are dragged unwillingly into the crisis, which shakes up all their lives and threatens to break up the family. The result is a complex, touching, and often absurd portrait of a vibrant family forced to deal with the shadows of their father’s traumatic past.

Snacks will be served

Nominations & Awards

Haifa International Film Festival 2016
Winner: Anat Pirchi Award for Best Editing to  Shira Arad

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