Monday, 6 November, 7:00pm:
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Director: Ori Sivan | Israel | 2016 | Drama | Hebrew | English Subtitles | 98 mins
Kindly supported by the Consulate General of Israel in Hong Kong 


This contemporary adaptation of the biblical story of Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar from the book of Genesis, is set in the world of the Jerusalem Philharmonic. Sarah the harpist is married to Abraham, the  conductor, and they cannot have children. When Hagar, a beautiful young horn-player from East Jerusalem joins the Orchestra, she bonds with Sarah and the two women develop a unique friendship. Hagar offers to have a baby with Abraham for the couple, shaking the thin balance in the family. When the baby is born, Hagar leaves the orchestra and gives the newborn child to Sarah and Abraham. As the years pass by Ben develops into a phenomenal pianist, but he is wild and uncontrollable and grows increasingly estranged from Sarah.  Sarah gets pregnant in her late forties, and gives birth to Isaac, and when the child is 3, Hagar returns to the orchestra. The reunion of Hagar and Sarah is bittersweet and when Ben discovers the secret of his birth, an unexpected series of events lead to the films fated ending. Harmonia uncovers the metaphoric emotional roots of the ancient conflict between the two peoples living in Jerusalem, now seeking harmony through the world of classical music.

Nominations & Awards:

Jerusalem Film Festival 2016
Winner: Haggiag Award: Best Cinematography: Yaron Scharf
Winner: The Lia Van Leer Award: Ori Sivan
Winner: Van Leer Group Foundation Award: Best Cinematography: Yaron Scharf
Nomination: Haggiag Award: Best Israeli Feature: Ori Sivan

The Israeli Film Academy 2016 Nominated for:
Best Supporting Actress: Yana Yossef
Best Cinematography: Yaron Scharf
Best Art Direction: Shunit Aharoni
Best Costume Design: Ofir Hazan
Best Sound: Itai Elohev,  Aviv Aldema


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