MATINEE DOUBLE FEATURE: Tuesday, 7 November, 11:00am:
Following The Ambassador’s WifeOne ticket for both films. Click here.

Director: Gabriel Bibliowicz | Israel | 2016 | Documentary | Hebrew | English Subtitles | 72 mins
Kindly sponsored by the Jewish Women’s Association of Hong Kong (JWA)
Kindly supported by the Consulate General of Israel in Hong Kong 


Let’s Dance! is a documentary film about the phenomenal success of the Israeli contemporary Modern Dance scene. It examines how Israel, despite its reputation as a militaristic and “macho” society, became a recognized world leader in Modern Dance and contributes to its historical development. Combining spectacular pieces of video-dance, rich archival material, interviews and visual demonstrations, the film offers a unique and surprising view on Israeli society, and a spotlight on the generations of leading dancers and pioneering choreographers who have turned local dance into a national and international success story.


Jerusalem Film Festival

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