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Offline Submissions

Our 19th festival will take place on 3-11 November 2018

(Looking for our online submission form? Click here.)


The deadline for submissions is July 15, 2018.
Without exception, any entries that arrive after the deadline date will gladly be considered for our 20th 2019 festival.


There is no entry fee.  

The Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival only screens films with Jewish themes. We screen both long and short films, features and documentaries.

Filmmakers and distributors of Israeli films please note: We hold the opinion that not all Israeli films are Jewish films. If your film does not have a Jewish theme to it, it will not be suitable for our festival.

Filmmakers or distributors who are interested in having their film considered should send the following to our office at:

One Robinson Place
70 Robinson Road
Mid-Levels, Hong Kong

• A preview DVD (PAL preferred, we can not accept DCP format)

– If your film is available for viewing online on a site such as Vimeo, please provide us with the link and password

• Press materials (electronically only) that includes the following information for each film submitted:

a.   Name of film

b.  Genre

c.   Country of production

d.   Language(s)

e.   Year of release / Director/Producer/s

f.   Running time

g.   Screening formats available

h.   100-word synopsis

i.   International distributor’s name and contact information (address, phone, fax, email and relevant websites)

j.   List of awards and honours won

k.   Print quality images from the film (300 dpi resolution)

l.   Film reviews (if any)

m.   Any other relevant press materials

Note #1: Do not write “China” on the mailing address as your entry may end up in Beijing where it will get stuck in customs. It’s been known to happen!

Note #2: You do not need to courier your entry to us. Save yourself some money and send it via air mail. Our post office is very reliable.

Note #3: Please consider using either a soft plastic DVD case (the clamshell kind that comes in many different colours) or a paper sleeve wrapped in bubble pack, as these ship better than traditional DVD boxes or square hard plastic DVD cases do.

Note #4: If you would rather email us your press kit, please send it to:

Due to resource constraints, we are unable to return any materials sent to us.

Many thanks for your interest in the HKJFF.