Ticketing process

  1. Clicking the buy now button will take you to the Asia Society Hong Kong Center’s sign-up/sign-in for an account page.
  2. If you don’t want an account: Scroll down, to the last option, ‘no thank you‘, selecting that option will give you a free account.
  3. You can then proceed to your cart to purchase, click ‘continue shopping‘ to reach the main purchase page
  4. Select one of our films from the right hand Quick Buy ‘dropdown’
  5. PLEASE NOTE: there is a standard  15 minute time-out on the ASHKC system.

Main Asia Society Hong Kong Center’s HKJFF information and ticketing page – COMING SOON
Download our form here if ordering in large quantities for multiple films. 2015 FORM COMING SOON!

Opening night – Film and Dessert: $380 per ticket and $330 for students/seniors
All nights: $90 per ticket, $80 for students/seniors.

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