21st HKJFF - Feature Films 2020

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When we see films live with family and friends it’s always great to have the chance afterwards to talk about the film, debate opinions and learn from each other’s experience. This year, while we’re in a virtual environment, we’re launching this blog to help give us a similar opportunity to share our thoughts with each other.

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  • Pancy Fung December 12, 20202:36 pm

    Indeed no words can adequately convey how much I have enjoyed the films & how much I appreciate the stellar efforts of the team to make the Festival of this year such a great success!

  • H Rami November 28, 20207:13 am

    Outstanding film festival.
    Enriching and enlightening movies.
    Great selection.
    Diverse stories and selection.
    Can’t wait for 2021 JFF
    Thank you.

  • Helena Au November 19, 202011:30 pm

    Such a touching film and believe love can overcome hatred. Though Omar died, the team was still in unity with music. Good to see this movie can spread the message of communication and step in other shoes to understand each other. Bless the Peace of Jerusalem between Arab and Jews

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